Teddy on a Mission

Just so you know, I am a traveling bear. This is a place where I can share text & pictures of the fun (and hopefully worthwhile) things I do with my unparents, Ken and Marijke.

Location: Greer, South Carolina, United States

I started this blog for the bear-loving friends in my church mostly since they were kind enough to send me on a mission trip to France. That was in 2006. Hopefully I'll get to go on other trips, too (like this most recent extended trip in 2009). But my main mission is to bear each blessed day with gratitude.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Stop Before Next Mission Trip: Canada to get passport renewed

Well, some blunders don't bear remembering, let along repeating. Like the way my un-mom sent off for her new Canadian passport in plenty of time before the mission trip - only to discover that she'd forgotten to fill in some key information. Oh yes, she included the photographs (had to be taken by a professional due to size specifications), and two references signed off that she was a sane person, etc. But the packet got bounced back to the States and then back up to Canada again; all the while without contact from a real live person. Finally, after many calls, it was discovered that Marijke got so excited about getting the aforementioned information together, that she forgot to fill in the form - especially her new address! So, at this point, in order to expedite the matter quickly, it was necessary for her to show up in PERSON - at an office in Canada. Hello air flight and visit with family. Totally unplanned but relished in spite of the added stress.

Good news was that the kind lady in the Kitchener, Ontario office was able to make it happen in one day - totally unheard of according to John and Cherri! They checked the internet and found out that I was in for a wait of at least a few days, maybe a week! All I can say is: Someone must have been praying, eh?!!

By the way, thanks for putting up with me for those lovely two nights, J&C! Just a warning, I'll be staying longer next time - with my un-dad, Ken. It was certainly not enough time to visit with Mom and Dad and naturally I missed seeing a few other relatives, too (like John, Jr., Christine and family, Magda, Nancy, Jordan, etc., etc.!! (Besides, I didn't get a good picture of SANDRA!)

Luv, Teddy

Friday, December 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home - and Merry Christmas, too!

I'm sure I didn't get this much loving on the whole trip! There's nothing like the arms of a child to warm you, is there? And nothing quite like their imagination, either - Georgia's the one who put me next to Jesus in the nativity scene - "out of the mouths of babes", eh?

I guess I'll be seeing you the next time I go out of town - there's talk of Canada this summer - and a visit or two to Colorado is certain to happen as well! Yeh, Grands.

As I finish blogging this past summer's trip, it's already Christmas! Where has the time gone?

I love everything about Christmas, don't you? I'm dreaming of finding a telephoto lens under the tree (anyone got a used one) for my lovely big Canon camera - and a backpack to hold my 'equipment' in. But more than the presents, I love the cards, the kids and the carols. May it all point to the reason for the season - to worship the King of Kings! Every time I read the gospel accounts of the Story in the bible, I stand amazed that God would make Himself human for us - to live among us, to feel our joys & pains and to die for us!! It's BEARly believable but SO TRUE!

Notice this year's Baker Christmas card! We figure that if we get it delivered by the 4th of January, we'll be OK - 'cause then it'll be on time for the Tenth Day of Christmas!!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas, 2009 and a fabulously healthy 2010 filled with faith, family and friends - and the occasional trip, too!

Love, Teddy Ricardo

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fantastic Farewell Dinner in an Artist's Paradise

Yes, Belgium was wonderful - as were Katy and Wilifried. Isn't it strange that they were the first people we met when we started our journey (in the airport, remember?) and the last people we saw before we left for home! They'll obviously be very special people in our book - for that reason but for other things as well (like their love of art and BEARS!)

Knowing that Wilifried's son and family are just up the road from us near Charlotte, NC means there could be a BIG chance that our paths cross again one day - and soon, we hope! It'd then be OUR turn to show them some beary good times. Hopefully we could half match their generosity and hospitable ways because it'd be impossible to show them as exciting cities or historic places as we saw with them! For instance: these pictures of this seemingly simple river scene (taken with Wilifried's camera because mine stopped working at the last hour). It's what we saw from our farewell dinner table at the Halifax Restaurant; no wonder Emile Claus and other artists enjoyed painting along the banks of this river. The lighting was phenomenal.

And now my posting is almost completely over until the next trip. As in all cases, though, it was fun to go away but it's fun to come home, too. You'll be able to tell by the pictures of the happy reunion with some of the babes (next blog).

With love, Teddy

P.S. I hope I don't have to carry around my big, beautiful Canon camera with me next time - that'd be kind of cumbersome (and scary, too). Mmmm - it does take good pictures, though. We'll keep you posted. (Ha Ha - get it? POSTED!)

Here's me with the old faithful Olympus, too - what a shame that it costs so much to get that little plastic piece repaired! However, when I think of how many pictures that've been taken over the past six years!! It's incredible that it lasted this long really and I feel very blessed.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Talk About Peace! Try Brugge From the Water...

You kind of feel like royalty when you take a trip on the water around this fair town! Especially when people wave at you from the bridges you go under. Can you tell I fell in love with Brugge? I don't even really want to get on that plane tomorrow. But I have two new babies waiting for me to get to know so I guess I'll have to say "Au Revoir" and "Dag" and "See You Next Time, Europe"! It's been such a fabulous four months!! But wait - I've got pictures to come of one last supper with our friend before we hit the train back to our hotel in Brussels.

Love, Teddy (for Marijke and Ken and Saaby, too)

A Quiet Spot Away From the Crowds

What a surprise to find this lovely community tucked into the middle of Brugge - home for retired nuns and widows. It was so peaceful after the hubbub of the city around it.


P.S. The puppet in the picture is one Oma picked up for the grands -she'd been looking in every town in Europe and finally found a few! Now all she has to do is finish the puppet 'house' at home. Pictures will follow, I'm sure.